Keeping your resume relevant and up to date

To find a job quickly, you need an effective resume that’s up to date and ready to go when you need it, full of information certain to get you noticed.

For most of us, a resume is a lot like the dusty address book we keep by the phone; we rarely update it, so when it’s time to send out cards or invitations, it takes a lot of work bringing it up to date.

An effective resume should be not only a record of the places you worked and positions you held, but of your achievements and highlights while employed.

Won a major client? Completed a project ahead of time or below budget? Successfully adopted some new policies or guidelines? Joined a committee? Finished a training course? To fully reflect your experience and abilities, these should all be part of your resume.

The best way of ensuring each of these milestones makes it to your resume, without either forgetting them or having to update them all at once months or years later, is by updating the information immediately.

Think an accomplishment or accolade might impress a potential future employer? Add it to your resume straight away.

By continually maintaining a relevant and up-to-date resume, you not only eliminate the chances of forgetting a major point, but you know you’ll be ready the moment an employment opportunity presents itself.

With ISMYCV’s easy to use system, your resumes are accessible from any computer in the world with access to the internet, so you can update it any time, anywhere.

By keeping it regularly updated, your ISMYCV resume can be easily found online by employers who will be able to see even your most recent accomplishments, helping you stand out from the crowd.