Choosing a career path

Every teenager finds themselves facing the question, “What do you want to be?” As adults, though, the question doesn’t seem to come up. However, a career path is a journey we can pick and choose at many stages in life. Perhaps you are bored with your chosen profession; perhaps opportunities for promotion are limited. For some, the need for change stems from the unfortunate situation of being unemployed.

Don't despair! The right career path is available. It is important for everyone. We spend so many hours at work – too many for it to be discouraging or not fulfilling.

Here are some simple steps that may help you get on the right career track.

1. Follow your passions and interests

We do our best at what we enjoy most. Finding a new career can be difficult, even scary. But the alternative can be worse. Pursuing an occupation based on what you really want to do can be beneficial in at least two ways: it can be rewarding for you and beneficial for your employer as a consequence of productivity.

If you are interested in an industry that allows for single businesses, consider the option of starting your own.

2. Be patient

It may take time for you to find a position, or even a job advertisement. In the meantime, focus on the search: there is no need to abandon dreams of a better position simply because it does not appear when you wish. Take time to plan. Decide on a realistic timeline of your expectations. Unemployment or underemployment can be a challenging time, but it can also present an opportunity.

3. Research

If you are unsure of your employment future, a little research may change your perspective. The Internet provides many online career tests, as well as information on specific careers. Don't underestimate the value of seeking assistance from friends and family too – especially those working in a relevant area.

4. Learn

Learning is not just for school. As an adult, you may need to acquire skills or qualifications to aid your transition to a new position. This is nothing to be afraid of, especially in an era of online and open learning. So many courses are just a click away.

5. Value yourself

Ultimately, a career choice always involves self-belief. Don't approach career-change out of fear or desperation, but out of hope and desire. Sell your skills, your abilities and potential. In the lead-up to an interview, make sure you are well rested - eat right, sleep well, exercise and talk to your loved ones.

6. Ensure professional presentation

The first rule of employment is professionalism. The easiest way to ensure you present yourself in the best possible light is to put together an ISMYCV resume.

ISMYCV allows you to create a free online resume that is modern, relevant and clear, and viewable by thousands of potential employers. You can also introduce yourself with a Video Profile, which can help you market yourself more effectively and really stand out from the crowd.

They key to a career path is to follow these steps. Patience and dedication is the key. Follow through and you will be amazed at the outcome!

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