Finding a job in Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing Jobs Finding a job in sales and marketing can look simple - there always seems to be a wealth of opportunities available - but finding the sales and marketing job that’s perfect for you can be slightly more challenging.

When it comes to jobs in sales, not everything is equal. The products or services being sold play a large part in determining the experience and skills the employer will look for in the salesperson. Some positions are ideal for people just entering the sales industry, while others require more experience.

The type of sales or marketing required in the position influence the type of applicant best suited for the job. Does the job require high-level, face-to-face negotiation with clients, or is it based mostly in a call centre? Does the role have set sales targets attached to it? Is it part of a team or largely autonomous?

In the world of sales and marketing, personality often plays a part in determining how right you are for the job. Sales and marketing, after all, requires you to forge a relationship with your customers, and personality is a key part of success.

Your first task as a salesperson is to sell yourself to employers. You need to convince them that you have the passion and enthusiasm to represent their products or services in the best possible way. As anyone with sales experience knows, the job can be very difficult at times, and the ability to maintain a positive demeanour is an important skill.

It’s also important that you take the time to identify the kind of sales job you’re looking for. Do you prefer staying behind a desk or being on the road? Are you looking for a set salary, or do you prefer the incentive of a commission-based package? Is there a particular industry you prefer selling to?

The more specific you can be about your goals and aspirations, the more likely an employer is to recognise your genuine enthusiasm.

With so many things to communicate to potential employers in the pursuit of your dream sales and marketing job, it’s important that your resume is clear, specific and accurate, and that it addresses everything an employer is looking for.

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