First job

First Jobs For a teenager, getting your first job is arguably one of the most important steps on the road to becoming an adult.

A new job brings new responsibilities, but also represents freedom, since you’ve finally started earning your own money.

In Australia, according to the Bureau of Statistics, 62% of people are aged 15 – 19 years when they get their first job. Almost 2/3 of these new employees find their first jobs while still studying full time.

For many, fast food restaurants are the easiest entry point into the workforce. The pay is low and the work can be hard, but the hours are designed to work around school and homework, and experience is not generally required.

These fast food jobs generally fall into two categories; customer service and food preparation. They can provide an excellent foundation for future careers, since many of the skills learnt on the job (money handling, customer relations, stock management, cleaning, conflict resolution, etc.) are transferable into jobs you might want later in life.

But if McDonalds or KFC aren’t available, or don’t fit your plans, there are many other employers willing to consider those looking for their first job.

For those with trade aspirations, many companies hire ‘juniors’ to assist on sites, be it in carpentry, landscaping, bricklaying or any other form of labour. Alternatively, a number of retail stores provide opportunities for first-time workers to gain experience in customer service or shelf stacking.

When looking for your first job, remember that the job you choose won’t limit or define your future career. Spending a few years earning money and experience in the family business, for example, needn’t mean you’re destined to stay there until you retire.

If you are fortunate enough to already know the career or field you’d like to end up in, finding a first job in a related field or with a similar set of required skills can provide a great boost later. If you’re keen to work with animals, for instance, speak to your local vet. While they may not advertise jobs for juniors, they could have a few limited opportunities available for someone with a genuine passion.

There are plenty of jobs available for those looking for their first job. Don’t apply for a job you know you’re going to hate- think about the type of tasks you might enjoy doing, and the kind of atmosphere you’d like to work in.

Traditionally, the only method for finding a first job was to go from door to door with a bag full of resumes. But now, by building an online resume with ISMYCV, you not only have the opportunity to demonstrate your personality and passion online, but you can sit back and keep studying while employers look for you.

Whether it’s answering phones in a call centre, sweeping hair in a salon, selling burgers, helping build roads, cooking chicken, stocking shelves, entering data or bringing food and drinks to tables, find the first job that’s right for you with ISMYCV.